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Sakaja Exonerated as Korogocho MCA Urges Accountability for CBD Operation

Oct 19, 2023 #Nairobi County
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Korogocho MCA, Absalom, has vehemently called for the immediate resignation of top inspectorate chiefs in response to the distressing harassment faced by small-scale traders in the Central Business District (CBD).

Absalom emphasized that the officers involved in these incidents should be promptly terminated from their positions. In defense of the governor, he clarified that the governor was not involved in the situation, and it is the duty of the relevant officers to take responsibility.

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Abisalom passionately stated,

“We shall not stand idly by and witness our governor being subjected to unwarranted criticism. The inspectorate officers must be held accountable for their actions. While the governor was away, these officers convened and decided on this operation, and they must now face the consequences.'”Abisalom passionately stated

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