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Sakaja commissions planting of trees to mark 38 birthday

Feb 2, 2023
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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has initiated the planting of 3800 trees to commemorate his 38 years during his birthday.
Through the County Executive Committee member for green Nairobi and Environment, Sakaja planted a total of 38 trees at the renovated Central Park officially opening the planting that will be done in all the 17 sub-counties of Nairobi.

“This is the park where we will begin our campaign of planting trees to mark the Governor’s birthday. This is in line with the National government initiative of planting ten million trees for the next ten years,” Njeri stated.

Speaking to the Media after the planting of the 38 trees, Sakaja started that it’s always about the people of Nairobi and not him and that’s why he chose to celebrate the birthday in a unique way to ensure the sub-counties which looks like deserts become green as he has a plan of making the City green as it was in the ancient days.

Sakaja stated that all 85 wards will be transformed by the planting of trees and after five or ten years the next generation will enjoy a clean and green city.

“Every war in Nairobi will have a session today of planting trees to mark my 38 years with 3800 trees being planted across. Our target is one million trees,” he stated.
“There are parts in Nairobi that are almost becoming deserts and it’s because they have been ignored. We are putting an initiative to ensure that the next generation will enjoy a greener capital city,” he added.

The CEC members and a section of MCA’s. Who were present during the session wished Sakaja well and have offered to ensure a green Nairobi.

“We wish Governor Sakaja well as he celebrates his birthday through the tree planting initiative. We will support him to ensure the city is clean and green,” Mlango Kubwa MCA Susan Makungu Stated.

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