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Relief as1,000 families benefit from Pwani Oils donation

Dec 15, 2023
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·         Pwani Oil has donated cooking oil and personal care items, to assist 1,000 families affected by floods in Isiolo North Constituency.

·         The donation aims to inspire other businesses and organizations to contribute to relief efforts.

In response to the devastating impact of floods in Isiolo North constituency, Pwani Oil Products Limited has taken a proactive step to support the affected families. Today, the company handed over a substantial donation of Popco Pure Vegetable Oil and personal care items, including bars of Ndume Natural Bar Soap to assist at least 1,000 families that have been affected by the floods.

The region has experienced massive displacement, with families losing their homes and belongings. The aftermath of the floods has also exposed households to sanitation-related diseases, further compounding the challenges faced by the affected residents. Tragically, the constituency has mourned the loss of five individuals who were swept away by the floods.

Situated in the lowlands of Nyambene and Mt. Kenya, Isiolo County is particularly vulnerable to floods from neighboring Meru and Laikipia counties.

The current situation has raised concerns about a worst-case scenario as the intensity of the rain persists, hindering citizens from carrying out their daily economic activities. Thousands of households have been affected, exacerbating the need for immediate relief support.

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“Pwani Oil, as a responsible corporate citizen, is committed to supporting communities in times of crisis. This donation aims to provide essential sustenance and personal care items to alleviate the hardships faced by the flood victims in Isiolo. We hope that this contribution plays a role in the recovery and rebuilding process for the affected families and individuals,” said Pwani Oil Products Limited’s Commercial Director, Rajul Malde.

Pwani Oil Products Limited acknowledges the urgency of the situation and encourages other businesses and organizations to join hands in providing assistance to the flood victims in Isiolo North. The company remains dedicated to monitoring the evolving situation in the region and is prepared to offer further support.

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