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Raff Military Textile Seeks New Partners in Kenya

Oct 23, 2023
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Raff Military Textile, a leading innovator in Military, Tactical and Police textile products, recently conducted a business trip to East Africa to open the door to potential partnerships and meet with customers in the region. During its visit to Kenya, Raff Military Textile was met with a lot of interest and is now looking for new partners to expand its global presence in Kenya.

Known for its majestic natural landscapes, rich culture and growing economy, Kenya is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for businesses looking for international collaborations. Raff Military Textile, one of the leading brands in the Turkish defense industry, was also impressed by Kenya’s dynamic atmosphere.

In an organization he attended in Kenya, Eray Yükseloğlu, General Manager of Raff Military Textile, said:

“We were really impressed by the lively atmosphere of Kenya and the warmth of its people. Our visit not only reinforced our belief in the potential of this region, but also deepened our commitment to explore mutually beneficial partnerships.”

In Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, with the support of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey, expert manufacturers such as Raff Military Textile had the opportunity to meet with key stakeholders in various sectors, including Kenyan government representatives, textile manufacturers and defense industry professionals.

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Having held numerous meetings and collaborations here, Raff Military Textile is excited to bring its expertise in the defense industry to Kenya, as well as the economic benefits it will bring to Kenya.

Kenya is home to a dynamic and developing textile industry and Raff Military Textile is seen as a very important opportunity to contribute to Kenya with its expertise in the military textile industry. Kenya’s strategic geographical location in East Africa also makes it an important market for Raff Military Textile.

The potential collaborations Raff Military Textile is looking for include the technological infrastructure of the defense industry, customer relationships, research and development partnerships and local production facilities. By working with its Kenyan partners, Raff aims to enhance the capabilities of both countries’ defense and security forces, while stimulating the local economy and creating jobs.

In Kenya, Raff Military Textile has also held discussions with various educational institutions to explore training programs to develop industry skills. This initiative demonstrates Raff Military Textile’s commitment to promoting education and training in military textiles.

Eray Yükseloğlu, Managing Director of Raff Military Textile, said;

“We are very keen to share our over 50 years of expertise and know-how with talented individuals and organizations in Kenya. By providing the best access to our existing infrastructure and know-how, we hope to contribute to the development of talented professionals in Kenya.”

As evident from these latest developments, Raff Military Textile will continue to seek new partners, build relationships and explore opportunities in Kenya with the strong belief that Kenya’s growth potential aligns with the brand’s vision to deliver world-class military, tactical and police products.

Following its recent trips to Venezuela and East Africa, Raff Military Textile will showcase its latest products at Milipol 2023, the world’s largest security exhibition in Paris next November 14 – 17.

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