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PwC Africa admits Brian Ngunjiri in the new partner cohort

Jun 23, 2022

PwC Africa has announced Brian Ngunjiri, Kenya as one of the new partners in the firm. Brian is among 35 other new partners that have been admitted to the firm, effective from 1 July 2022.

This is the highest number of new PwC partners ever admitted across the continent, with 51% of them female.

Prior to this appointment, Brian has been an Associate Director, financial services with extensive experience in delivering financial and regularity audits and business advisory services to clients in various sectors in Kenya and the United Kingdom. 

He began his career 16 years ago at PwC as a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to his current role as an industry group driver across the East Africa region. He is passionate about career couching and actively contributes to the staff agenda as part of Staff Strategy Council. 

This admission of new partners signals an incredible milestone in their careers, which they have earned through hard work, leadership and commitment to our people and clients. They are a true reflection of our global strategy, The New Equation, as they are focused on helping the firm continue to build trust in society, solve important problems and leverage new technologies to deliver sustained outcomes for our business, clients and countless communities.

These sentiments are shared by Peter Ngahu, East Africa Regional Senior Partner, who says:

“Our new partners have done exceptionally well by contributing to our business and enabling it to grow. They are also showing our clients and society that we’re also in the business of contributing to society by helping others thrive, particularly in these challenging times in which we find ourselves, on the African continent and indeed across the globe.”

Dion Shango, PwC Africa Territory Senior Partner, expressed his pride at the new class of 2022, saying:

“We are immensely proud of our new cohort of partners as they are a true embodiment of The New Equation, which is about growth and investment. One of the ways in which we are investing in our business is growing our partnership on a sustainable basis. Our new partners have distinguished themselves through their ability to inspire our people, act with integrity, make a difference, reimagine the possible and care. Their admission also shows our commitment to making significant progress in achieving our diversity ambitions.”

Each year, PwC prioritises inclusivity and diversity which continues to strengthen workforce. This is done by heavily investing in people which sees development of new skill sets through recruitment, training and technology.

PwC Africa is a community of solvers who take holistic approaches to problems to devise solutions that will benefit our people, clients and communities for today, tomorrow and long into the future. Like the new partner cohort, teams across Africa see the convergence of people from different backgrounds, and with different talents and skills to deliver these solutions that are always underpinned by quality.

The firm wishes the 2022 partner cohort a successful journey with the firm and looks forward to continuing to work together to build trust and deliver long lasting solutions in our complex, ever changing world.

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