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Private Security Personnel in Entertainment Sector to Undergo Mandatory Vetting and Training

Jan 10, 2024 #News
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In a landmark move, the Government, through the Private Security Regulatory Authority, has initiated a sweeping nationwide security reform, mandating the vetting, training, and licensing of all private security personnel engaged in the entertainment and sporting sectors. ]

The momentous occasion was marked by a gathering of key stakeholders, including regulatory officials and representatives from various security roles such as bouncers, bodyguards, event stewards, and VIP protection teams.

The primary objective of this initiative is to elevate professionalism within the industry by imparting a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to security personnel actively engaged in maintaining safety and order.

The Director General of the Private Security Regulatory Authority emphasized the non-negotiable nature of this mandatory process, reinforcing that compliance is not a choice but a legal imperative.

The comprehensive training program addresses not only physical threats but also emerging challenges such as biological weapons and other sophisticated methods. As outlined in the Private Security Regulation Act No. 13 of 2016, all security personnel are now required to undergo mandatory training to bridge existing skill and knowledge gaps. The Director General underscored the significance of adherence to the Act, emphasizing that any breach would result in legal consequences.

Sections 21 and 28 of the Act explicitly state that engaging in the provision of private security services without undergoing mandatory vetting, training, and licensing is prohibited. These sections are legally binding, and strict compliance is mandatory.

Individuals offering the services of security personnel must undergo thorough security vetting, be registered, and obtain a license to operate as private security service providers.

The Director General appealed to all stakeholders to collaborate harmoniously, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rule of law and human dignity in the implementation of these crucial reforms.

This initiative represents a pivotal step in the broader security reform agenda, aiming to ensure the safety and order of entertainment venues, recreational facilities, and sporting establishments through a highly trained and regulated private security workforce.

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