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President Uhuru’s Look-alike Joins Presidential Race

Apr 1, 2022
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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s look-alike Michael Gitonga alias ‘Uhunye wa Umo’ has declared his presidential bid ahead of the August General Elections.

Gitonga, who resides in Nairobi’s Umoja estate has now branded himself as ‘Uhunye wa Umo’ and believes that he is best placed to take over from him.

He will be vying as an independent candidate.

Gitonga’s photos went viral on social media in 2021 due to his close resemblance to the President, where some netizens even thought it was a throwback photo of President Uhuru.

During an interview, Gitonga said that people around his neighborhood in Umoja estate even call him Uhuru or Uhunye.

The father of three earned fame due to the uncanny resemblance to the head of state, which he is now banking on to win the Presidency. 

He is a mason by profession.

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