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Powerhive, Mobius Motors Partner to boost Local Assembly

Nov 17, 2023
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Powerhive has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Mobius Motors.

The collaboration between the pioneering force in the electric mobility sector and renowned vehicle manufacturing both based in Kenya marks a significant milestone in Powerhive’s ongoing efforts to advance the sustainable mobility landscape across the region.

The cornerstone of this partnership is the establishment of a dedicated bonded warehouse within the Mobius Motors facility, designed for the exclusive assembly of Powerhive’s Spark Electric Motorcycles and capable of producing up to 150 Spark bikes per factory shift.

This development aligns seamlessly with Powerhive’s mission to revolutionize clean and efficient
transportation options, facilitating a more accessible and eco-conscious future for riders.

“As the only licensed utility in the Kenyan EV landscape, our strength is in the energy side of battery swapping. Our partnership with Mobius enables us to focus on scaling the premier battery swapping network across East Africa,” states Christopher Hornor, Powerhives’ CEO.

Renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality and precision in vehicle production, Mobius Motors seamlessly aligns with Powerhive’s vision of delivering affordable and reliable electric vehicles across Africa.

Together, these two companies are poised to streamline the production of Spark motorcycles while substantially extending their presence in Kenya and beyond.

This collaboration reinforces Powerhive’s dedication to local manufacturing, supporting the Kenyan economy while harnessing supply chain efficiencies and capital efficiencies.

Powerhives’ capital-light approach to manufacturing empowers them to prioritize the expansion of the charging network and further development of advanced battery technology.

The partnership between Powerhive and Mobius Motors is poised to bring a host of benefits,
including improved availability and accessibility of Spark Electric Motorcycles, thus significantly
contributing to the growth of sustainable mobility solutions in the region.

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Nicolas Guibert, CEO of Mobius Motors further, says

“Mobius Motors have developed a great facility and are proud to partner with Powerhive as they move the Boda Boda business with a clean electric solution. We are offering the best of our resources and experiences to give them an edge in the market with the best-in-class assembly quality and technical support in their Aftersales operations. Mobius Motors intends to become a major player of African sustainable mobility. Congratulations to Powerhive and thank you for choosing us!”

As the partnership between Powerhive and Mobius Motors evolves, it undoubtedly paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in transportation, not only in Kenya but also in the broader region.

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