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Political Battlefield: Sakaja Faces Opposition Amidst Development

Sep 19, 2023
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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino recently engaged in a fiery exchange on social media, sparking conversations across various platforms. In the midst of their verbal feud, Babu Owino boldly declared that Governor Sakaja was merely “warming the seat” for him, setting the stage for a dramatic showdown.

This public spat between Sakaja and Babu is just the latest episode in a series of attempts by influential figures to undermine Sakaja’s leadership in Kenya’s most populous county. Sakaja remains resolute in his belief that these efforts are destined to fail.

Behind the scenes, powerful forces have conspired to derail Sakaja’s administration by orchestrating proxy conflicts. The strife began when certain members of the Nairobi County Assembly launched attacks against the governor. However, Sakaja adeptly navigated these challenges by forging alliances with MCAs from various political affiliations.

Frustrated by their inability to weaken Sakaja through the assembly, these influential interests turned to Ben Mulwa, a former Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful, to commission a dubious opinion poll. This poll, conducted by Insight Strategists Solutions Africa (ISSA), purportedly ranked Sakaja at the bottom of the list of governors. It served as the ammunition for MP Babu’s scathing critique of Sakaja’s tenure.

However, subsequent investigations exposed the political motivations behind the ISSA poll, revealing it as a politically driven agenda. On closer inspection, it became evident that Governor Sakaja had been tirelessly working to improve service delivery in Nairobi, outpacing many of his predecessors.

The same shadowy forces initially attempted to manipulate MCA elections, offering support to Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition members with promises of securing powerful positions, such as Majority Leader. These promises, it appears, were never fulfilled. Their new strategy has involved using Babu Owino to attack the governor, though this ploy is expected to meet the same fate as the earlier MCA onslaught.

Governor Sakaja, despite these challenges, remains steadfast in his commitment to his development agenda. Over the past year, his administration has initiated significant programs and projects that overshadow the online disputes. Notably, the “Dishi Na County School” feeding program aims to provide nutritious meals to over 250,000 children, with 88,000 already benefiting. Furthermore, healthcare facilities have been bolstered with the establishment of the first ICU facility at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, among other improvements across the county.

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Sports facilities have also received a substantial boost with the construction of Dandora Stadium, City Stadium, Camp Toyoyo, Woodley grounds, and Mwiki grounds. These tangible achievements speak volumes about Sakaja’s commitment to the people of Nairobi, even in the face of relentless opposition from powerful quarters.

As the political skirmishes continue, the people of Nairobi can rest assured that Governor Sakaja remains dedicated to realizing his vision for a better, more prosperous county.

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