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Optiven Directors Delegate Authority for Global Reach, Spearhead Expansion Plan

Apr 9, 2024
Optiven Directors Delegate Authority for Global Reach, Spearhead Expansion PlanOptiven Directors Delegate Authority for Global Reach, Spearhead Expansion Plan
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In a strategic move aimed at bolstering Optiven Limited‘s capabilities for global expansion, the company’s directors have empowered a select group of Optiven executives through a transformative Power of Attorney exercise.

As Optiven approaches its 25th anniversary since inception in August 2024, this forward-thinking initiative underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring operational efficiency and preparing for future growth.


Gathered at the prestigious Optiven Transformation Center, a diverse group of company leaders convened to witness this pivotal moment.

Dr. Wachiuri, CEO of Optiven Limited, articulated the rationale behind the decision, emphasizing the need to delegate certain responsibilities to enable smoother operations.

“Our aim is to equip our successors with the authority and resources necessary to handle key official functions,” Dr. Wachiuri explained, highlighting the company’s proactive approach to managing overwhelming tasks while maintaining operational agility.

In the presence of legal counsel from the High Court of Kenya, the directors officially entrusted selected individuals with specific powers, ensuring that essential functions can be executed seamlessly in their absence.

This delegation of authority not only streamlines decision-making processes but also reinforces Optiven’s commitment to effective governance and accountability.

Director of Strategy and Operations, Mary Wacuka, and Director of Projects, Charles Muraguri, respectively, echoed Dr. Wachiuri‘s sentiments, emphasizing Optiven’s dedication to supporting staff development and fostering a culture of empowerment.


As the event concluded on a celebratory note, it became clear that Optiven’s directors have not relinquished control but have instead taken proactive steps to strengthen the company’s foundation for continued success and expansion into global markets.

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