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Omoh Homes’ Green Initiative Integrates Green Energy into Upcoming Affordable Housing Units

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Real Estate Firm, Omoh Homes’ Green Housing Initiative Seeks To Integrate Green Energy Technologies In Its Upcoming Affordable Housing Units

Over the last decade, there has been concerted effort and push to combat climate change and promote sustainable living.

These moves have seen the pioneering of initiatives from governments to private stakeholders and individuals joining efforts that aim at combating and the control of Green House Gases emissions.

It is through these lessons that a new entrant in the real estate sector, Omoh Homes, is spearheading its green-kitchens project namely The Omoh Green (T.O.G).

This climate conscious project initiative dubbed The Royal Garden Estate Phase 1, located in Malaa, Machakos County aims at developing 2 and 3 bedroom units fitted with green-kitchens that have pre-installed low carbon stoves.

The project already slated for a high-profile launch that will culminate with a groundbreaking ceremony in a few months, will upon completion consist of upto 900 units constructed over three phases.

In partnering with low-carbon stoves and charcoal briquette makers and distributors across the region, this will be a concerted effort in combating and controlling green house gases emissions (GHG) and in turn spread the message on climate change across Africa and globally.

“We are concerned about our planet and moreso this continent.In the past month or so we have seen even our coasts, that lie along the equator, being battered by cyclones and increased cases of inland flash floods in ways we have not seen before and if mitigation measures cannot be undertaken as early as now we will be in for a terrible storm in the future,” said Mr Nicholus Okach, Group CEO Omoh Homes.

According to the project blueprint, this is in an effort to combat global warming and address the climate change agenda across Africa and globally which in turn has a tremendous positive environmental impact in the long term.

“We know and understand that Africa despite emitting less in terms of Green House Gases, the overall effect is that the continent will bear the brunt of climate change and adverse weather conditions in future. So our Green Housing Initiative aims at putting structures in place that will help in mitigating the effects of climate change and reducing emissions,” said Mr. Nicholus Okach, Group CEO, Omoh Homes.

With steam gathering towards the rollout, so has it also attracted international attention and interest from green energy investors as they want to be involved in the project, a first of its kind of that magnitude and design.

The project, a first of its kind, in the region seeks to address several key pillars of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals among them reduction on poverty levels, accessibility of clean water and sanitation, health, decent working conditions among others.

As a brainchild of environmental advocates and forward-thinking urban planners, these green kitchen units have been designed to minimize their environmental footprint whilst maximizing on energy efficiency.

Mr Okach is adamant the strength of these stoves lies in their advanced technology, which significantly reduces harmful carbon emissions within the household setting.

Recent technological advancements and innovations have in a large extent been re-shaping the energy sector, with significant investments being placed in carbon credits and housing projects.

“In Africa, we are typically associated with conventional cooking methods,using open fires. However, utilizing renewable energy sources and innovative combustion techniques, these stoves will move a long way in mitigating air pollution, thus contributing to cleaner air and healthier living environments,” added Mr Okach

With the incorporation of the green kitchen in each home, Omoh Homes is also confident in seeing the cost of each unit being substantially subsidized by 20% through tapping into the carbon finance markets.

By promoting the use of clean energy alternatives, these initiatives not only benefit the environment but also empower residents to adopting greener lifestyles.

As governments and organizations across the world intensify efforts to combat climate change, initiatives like The Omoh Green Housing Project will be at the forefront demonstrating that sustainable development is not only achievable but also essential for building resilient, thriving communities in the face of environmental challenges.

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