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North Ways Express SACCO Exposed for Assaulting Customer

Dec 17, 2022
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An NYS graduate who was in early December assaulted by the crew of North Ways Express Sacco has complained to NTSA to take disciplinary action.

In a letter to NTSA Director General, Kamukunji OCS and City Halls Inspectorate, Omilia Nicholas said he suffered serious injuries and had to be rushed to hospital for treatment.

He said that on Saturday evening 26th November 2022, he went to Afya center to board a matatu to Bungoma.

While at Afya Centre, he was looking for North Rift Shuttle.

However, a staff of North Ways Express Shuttle intercepted him and convinced him -that North Rift had rebranded to North Ways Express Shuttle.

The staff whom he said he can identify, took him to their office around Afya Centre area.
He gave out shs 2,000 for transport and was given balance of shs 500.

Omilia said that he boarded the Matatu and a few minutes later, he got out to go for short call.
When he returned, he was confronted by one Samson Njeri alias Mwangi of phone number 0723469344 a night manager at North Ways Express Shuttle and a lady identified as Doris a cashier.

The Duo told him he had not paid for the Matatu and was not allowed to Board.

He showed them the receipt but they declined.

In the ensuing argument, they called other nearby Matatu crews and together they beat him up on allegations of lying.

Nick said he was assaulted at around 8 pm and he became unconscious.

Lying on the ground, good Samaritans helped resuscitate him.

When he gained consciousness at around 10pm, he called one of his Cousins who works at Forces Memorial Hospital.

The cousin organized for an ambulance from KNH which arrived at Afya Centre around 11.30 pm and took him to KNH.

A CT scan revealed that he had been injured in the chest and head.

He was treated and asked not to proceed with the journey but to go rest.

After he recovered, he followed up the issue and reported the matter to Kamukunji police station under OB number 31/27/11/2022.

He also went to North Ways Express Shuttle offices and raised the issue with the management.
Staff present said that Mwangi and Doris were on duty that night.

Since Nick had lost the original receipt and other valuables in the melee, the staff checked the receipt book and found the duplicate receipt as serial number 23749, Nairobi to Bungoma kshs 1500.

Together with other North Ways Express Shuttle staff, they reached Mwangi and Doris.

Doris responded that Mwangi the night manager was aware of the issue and he will sort it out.

Mwangis phone was switched off at the time.

His guardian who is based in Nairobi reached one Charles Githinji alias Njenga of 0722765243 whom he was told was the owner of the vehicle involved.

He promised to get back but never did despite more calls and text messages to his phone.
Latter when he called Samson Njeri alias Mwangi 0723469344 a night manager at North Ways Express Shuttle, he said he doesn’t care anymore about the issue.

His guardian wrote to NTSA requesting that the Authority and all relevant agencies to investigate the issue and bring the culprits to book.

“It’s also in bad faith that even after the issue was raised with the North Ways Express Shuttle, the management has been reluctant to address this issue and wishes it fizzles. These are the kind of people who bring chaos in the public transport sector,” said the guardian who requested anonymity.

The guardian petitioned NTSA that since we are in the festive season, stern action including suspension of the Sacco operating licenses and arrest of the named staff whom Nick can positively identify.

“If stern action is not taken, such rogue Matatu operators will taint the name of the Matatu Industry and bring it into disrepute. Kenyans who cannot speak out will continue to suffer and eventually die in the hands of such barbaric matatu operators,” the letter to NTSA said.

In a response an NTSA official said they will summon the Matatu crew together with Nicks guardian to address the issue.

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