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Nkedianye Furious With Lenku Over Reforms That Saved Residents From Land Cartels

Apr 3, 2022
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In August 2020,Kajiado County land’s registry  launched new generation allotment letters with extra security features to cab  land fraud cases.

The allotment letters have an extra eight security features over and above what the earlier allotment letters had to protect genuine land owners from fraudsters.

The launch saw  12,657 plot owners acquire the new and authenticated documents after a validation process that took one year.

The 26 trading centres where plot owners were issued with the new allotment letters include: Namanga, Nkoile, Ilbissil, Rombo, Ng’atataek, Loitokitok, Isinet, Isinya, Kisaju, Enoomatasian, Orum Mashuuru.

Others are Kimana, Sholinke,Sultan Hamud,Oltepesi, Kimuka ,Saikeri,Kerarapon,Masimba, Emali, Kumpa, Olchorro,Ilasit,Inkukuon and Oloolotikoshi.

Governor Lenku said the allotment letters aimed at wiping away the tears of many land owners who had been agonizing over double allocation of plots or whose plots had been issued out with questionable documents.

The Governor revealed that several financial institutions agreed to accept the new allotment letters as collateral for loans as they had been authenticated in a straightforward process.

“This was seen as a great step towards using  land as a factor of production and landowners can now use their prime plots for economic activities,” he said

Solomon ole Mosari, a resident of Namanga, who received his allotment letter said he was happy with the new allotment letter and hoped that it would end constant land wrangles in the area.

Mosari said during the validation process many land owners in the area discovered that their property had been issued twice and hoped the new security features would curtail fraud.

“I am happy that the new allotment letters have extra security features. In the past you could find one plot being allocated two or three times to different people by unscrupulous land officials and brokers but this will now be a thing of the past.” he said.

Nancy Ntaama, a resident of Sholinke, said she was glad that the new allotment letter can enable her to apply for a loan at one of the financial institutions which she will use to start a business

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