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NIS Officer wins land battle against state cartels

Jun 28, 2021
NIS officer commonly known as "Mwalimu Papa" among his colleagues.
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After two years of fighting, a Senior NIS officer Francis Nyangure was finally handed over his plot Title Deed against the wishes of land cartels who have been claiming ownership of the plot located in Nairobi’s Utawala area.

It took the intervention of the Principal Secretary Ministry of Lands Dr.Muraguri for the officer to succesfully get the title of the plot which is rated at Sh44.5 million.

The land has been at the centre of controversy at some point in August 2020 the matter attracted the attention of President Uhuru who according to the officer, ordered that the ministry formalises everything for the officer to be given the title.

But rven after intervention in the saga by Head of State, land cartels working behind the scenes and with the help of insiders in the Ministry and Survey of Kenya had already issued out a title to the fraudsters which now has to be degazzeted.

Times has since 4established that the fraudsters ring is well connected right from the Embakasi Ranching Company, Survey of Kenya and the Ministry itself with four key members in the latter two, who have wrecked in millions through fraud.

The DCI officers played a big role in thwarting the fraudsters bid to acquire the officer’s plot and in the process identified 4 senior staff based at Survey of Kenya and the Ministry Headquarters for a thorough scrutiny of their involvement in the land racket which has been on the rise particularly on land owned by companies

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