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New Taskforce to Combat flood effects in Nairobi

May 16, 2021
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Nairobi County Deputy Governor Ann Kananu has formed the Nairobi County Disaster Management Committee.

The Committee will be Chaired and spearheaded by the acting County Secretary, Dr Jairus Musumba and the Governors’ Chief of Staff Mutunga Mutungi will be tasked with putting in place measures for mitigating the current flooding menace.

The other members include; County Executives and respective Chief officers in  Finance, Health,  Roads, Public Service Management (PSM), Disaster Management and Environment. 

Ms Kananu  said that the team will be mandated to come up with immediate measures to mitigate current emerging disaster and emergency situation in Nairobi.

Last week Nairobi and other parts of the Country experienced heavy downpour leading to loss of lives and property. According to the weatherman, the rains were believed to have hit a high of 30mm.

Said Ms Kananu, “Our success will be measured by how quickly we respond to emerging emergency situations, our mandate is to therefore ensure the safety of Nairobi residents at all times. I have directed that the Committee ensures the effective management of the current situation. Disasters are expected to regularly happen and can impact all people, without discrimination.”

Ms Kananu also sent out a message of condolences to families who lost loved ones during the Thursday night incident as a result of being swept away during the heavy downpour.

“My heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and property during the Thursday rain incident. The weatherman has predicted heavy rains in the coming days. I would like to urge Nairobi residents to be extra cautious and avoid movement especially during heavy downpour.”

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