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New Instaview Refrigerator to be unveiled at CES 2023

Dec 15, 2022
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LG Electronics is set to unveil the new LG InstaView™ French-Door refrigerator at CES 2023 to be held from January 5th– 8th in Las Vegas.

Armed with new features, the upgraded refrigerator is aimed to help users create a more stylish kitchen that sits flush with the cabinetry offering an upgraded culinary life. Besides, the new counter-depth model offers large capacity and a simple yet elegant built-in design featuring a mirror InstaView panel and unobtrusive pocket handles. It also provides four different types of ice and keeps food fresh for longer with LG’s advanced freshness technologies.

Speaking while making the announcement, LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company President Lyu Jae-cheol said, “LG’s new InstaView French-Door refrigerator makes a superb, stylish addition to any modern kitchen, offering consumers the ultimate in convenience, design and food freshness,” he added that, “ Moving forward, we will continue to deliver outstanding customer value and experiences with innovative home solutions leveraging elegant, functional design and our advanced technologies.”

The company’s new, 25.5-cubic feet counter-depth refrigerator offers a generous capacity, despite a nine per cent reduction in depth compared to a conventional French-Door model.1

To increase internal storage space, LG redesigned several of the fridge’s core components – slimming down the cold air duct and the evaporator, while also reducing thickness by applying enhanced insulation. Although its expansive interior provides 25 percent more room for storing food and drinks than LG’s previous counter-depth models,2 the new French-Door can still help to save space in the kitchen thanks to its smaller footprint.

The new model also brings a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic to the kitchen courtesy of LG’s unique mirror-InstaView panel and flat door design. Bordered in sleek stainless steel, the mirror-coated glass of the seamless InstaView panel covers almost the entire right-hand door of the refrigerator.

By knocking twice on the panel, users can check inside without having to open the door – a time-saving convenience that prevents cold air from escaping and energy from being wasted. The subtle, minimalist beauty and clean, modern lines of LG’s latest InstaView are further enhanced by the discrete pocket handles applied to the fridge’s ‘flat’ doors.

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