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Naivas Launches Accelerator Training Programme

Jul 13, 2021 #Naivas
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Naivas Supermarket has launched a management trainee programme which seeks to attract top talent and transform them into astute business leaders as they complete the course.

This follows a gap in higher learning institutions offering retailing as a major among business courses.

The programme named Accelerator is a nine month course to ensure the business continuously has a supply of high caliber talent to take up various management positions across supermarket’s outlets.

According to Chief Commercial Officer Willy Kimani, the changing environment in the retail sector from the consumer psyche, to supplier modus operandi as well as the workforce, has called upon a leadership approach that meets these demands throughout the business and at the various stores which form the one place that customers interact with the brand.

MD David Kimani and Head of HR Mary Kinyua during the launch of their Management trainee programme , ACCELERATOR

“Every business has to always think ahead and plan for it is future and for this reason we are happy to bring to market our Management Trainee programme; Accelerator: In the Details if Retail.

This new development is very critical to the company as success in business requires continuous
improvement which can only be achieved through continuous training and development of key talents,” said Mr. Kimani.

Accelerator will enable candidates undergo training in; inventory management, store operations, leadership training, people management and commercial skills.

The training is set to kick off on 26th July, 2021 with eleven candidates selected from one hundred applicants.

The management aims at sensitizing higher learning as a way of presenting supermarkets as a viable employment option that requires graduates as many others opportunities.

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