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Nairobi Deputy Governor Reveals This About BBI Bill

May 9, 2021
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Nairobi City County acting Governor H.E Ann Kananu has today lauded MPs for passing the Building Bridges Initiative (Constitutional Amendment) Bill 2020.

Kananu said the BBI bill will improve the current Constitution to fulfill the social, economic and political needs of Nairobians and
Kenyans at Large.

“A Constitution is a document that with time, continues to get better.Those things that others feel are not included will eventually be

“Our MPs have given direction with their votes. This document will come to you the Mwananchi for your say for a more prosperous Kenya,” the acting Governor said.

Kananu added that the BBI will also ensure more opportunities for
women in leadership.

“BBI is not for certain leaders or tribes as people think,” she said.

She spoke during the wedding ceremony of Louis Waithera Karani to Kayole Central MCA Jeremiah Karani Themendu.

The acting governor said the newlyweds have set the pace, urging others to follow suit.

“It is good that you have solemnised your union before God. It is high time people do that now,” she said.

Meanwhile, City Hall has rolled out an ambitious plan to plant at least 25,000 trees before the end of the year.

The program is part of its strategy to play an integral role in conservation of the environment and help the world fight the effects of climate change and global warming.

This was affirmed after Kananu gave an executive order for treeplanting in all areas across the county.

Kananu, who chaired an executive meeting a few days ago, emphasized the need for a clean environment that can be felt not only by locals but even tourists and investors.

“We have no other choice but to conserve our environment. Let’s plant plenty of trees. Let’s make hay while it shines,” she said.

She said now is the time to plant trees as it is the rainy season.

“Soon, I’ll be going round and inspecting such projects,” she said.

County executive for Food, Agriculture and Forestry Lucia Mulwa led county officials and MCAs in unveiling the program at Westlands primary school.

The program will cost the county Sh1 million for this financial year
with a similar program lined up for next year.

Mrs Mulwa said that the county will work with learning institutions to help provide more spaces for tree planting.

“We have over 200 primary schools and 50 secondary schools where we can plant trees as we look for more land,” she said.

The department also plans to establish a tree nursery this financial year at City Park with a seedling capacity of one million.

The county will plant 500 trees at Westlands primary after having
planted 100 at the launch of the program.

Leaders who spoke at the event resolved to work on strict laws that
will protect trees and the environment from human activity.

Parklands MCA Mahendra Jalde and his nominated counterpart Mary Arivitsa, who chairs the agriculture committee, said Nairobi should be made green by increasing its tree cover.

Jalde said every tree cut should be replaced by 100.

The sentiments were echoed by Arivitsa who said the county should keep investing in tree planting.

This year, in collaboration with stakeholders, the department has so far planted 4,500 seedlings.

Tree planting is mainly done on road reserves, private plots, farm lands in the urban sub-counties, parks, public institutions and in the riparian areas mostly through the ‘Adapt a Tree’ initiative where
individuals undertake to take care of the seedlings they plant.

County executives present committed to support the tree planting initiative by availing free spaces in their jurisdiction for tree
planting especially in schools, health centres, markets and any other public spaces.

Mr Justus Kathenge said trees are important for the generations to come.

He added that the tree planting exercise will be done in all the sub-counties.

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