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Millions Of Youths Across Africa Set To Benefit From Creative Jobs Through TRACE/ AU Partnership

May 17, 2024 #Africa, #AU, #TRACE
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By Isabella Maua

TRACE Media has promised to create more job opportunities for youths in the creative industry within Africa by tapping into their talents and availing them of free online courses to boost their knowledge.

Speaking during the official signing of a partnership agreement with The African Union in Nairobi on Thursday, Managing Director for TRACE, Danny Mucira, expressed his excitement, citing more opportunities for youths not only in Kenya but in Africa at large.

“As TRACE, we are determined to not only entertain youths across the continent but also create more employment opportunities for them as we give them a platform to showcase their talents and drive change within their communities,” said Mucira.

He observed that their partnership with the AU is primarily designed to provide African solutions to African problems, mainly targeting women and youth, who make up 75% of the population in Africa.

“1.2 billion of Africa’s population comprises women and youth below 35 years old, and by empowering them, we leverage the global capital for the continent by creating a creative economic platform,” accentuated Mucira.

On the other hand, Prudence Ngwenya, Director for the Women, Gender, and Youth Directorate at AU, accentuated the need to transform skills into sustainable careers.

“Through this partnership, especially at TRACE Akademia, we want to engage youths and women through a disruptive thinking approach to tap into a world of unending possibilities,” observed Ngwenya.

She further noted that the Women and Youth Financial and Economic Inclusion Initiative 2030 is set to strengthen capacity, mentorship, and the networking ecosystem, expanding access and reach through digital platforms.

In the bid to support the initiative, the Kenyan government, through Talanta Hela and now Who’s Next?, is pursuing how youths can monetize their creative content.

According to Raymond Ochieng’ of the National Youth Commission, “The government has a plan of recognizing and nurturing talent, more so in poetry, music, fashion, and pageantry across counties in Kenya, through a platform called Who’s Next?”

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