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Men in Panic as Woman Begins Releasing Photos of Men she Infected With HIV

Aug 4, 2021
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A ‘depressed’ Kenyan woman identified as Ruth James on Facebook has threatened to expose the names of over 100 men she allegedly infected with HIV/AIDs.

Through her Facebook account Ruth says she has suffered a lot and dying is her last resort.

“Dying is the best thing. have suffered a lot,” read a post on Ruth James, Facebook account.

She has already gone ahead and posted some 5 men saying they area among the casualties of her actions.

Kenya passed the Sexual Offences Act and the HIV Prevention and Control Act in 2006, and sections 26 and 24 of those acts, respectively, have rather broad provisions criminalizing HIV/AIDS transmission.

This means that should it be true that she intentionally infected the said men she could be facing a jail term of not less than 15 years

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