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MCAs who took part in ‘illegal’ ouster to be punished tomorrow

May 25, 2021
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ODM party will tomorrow issue disciplinary letters to all those that participated in purported removal of Peter Imwatok as minority whip.

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna says the party is tired with errand behaviors by his members who have become disloyal.

“I wrote a letter we have not made any changes to county of Nairobi leadership and those one who did not heed will be subjected to disciplinary process we are tired of this shenanigans by the MCAs..we will issue this letters tomorrow.” Sifuna said.

Deputy speaker Geoffrey Majiwa has also called speedy investigation on how MCA John Kamangu accessed his office and stop documents for removal of Imwatok in a sitting he shared without his knowledge.

“A review of the said communication indicates that it was received and approved using a stamp/seal purportedly of the Office of the Deputy Speaker and endorsed by Hon. John Kamangu himself who definitely is not the Deputy Speaker of Nairobi City County Assembly.  As a matter of fact, I am the duly elected Deputy Speaker of the County Assembly elected on 15th September, 2020, pursuant to Sect on 6 of the County Governments (amendment) Act,2020. As far as I’m concerned, I neither  endorsed  nor  approved the said communication in my capacity as the  Deputy  Speaker  as indicated thereon, I therefore  take  this  earliest  opportunity  to  distant  myself  from the said communication,”

read a statement from Majiwa

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