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MCA Ogeto in Trouble with Police Over Kamkunji Rally

Feb 5, 2023
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Kilimani MCA Moses Ogetos’ office is under siege by the police.The security personnel have been camping at the offices as from today morning.
Ogeto is key in organising and facilitating the Azimio supporters to rallies.

“There main intention is to arrest mheshimiwa they have searched everywhere including his residence.” One of his aides said.
Meanwhile Azimio leaders in Nairobi have warned the police against harassing their leaders saying they have a right to gather and express themselves.
“It is our right to picket,demonstrate and even gather and express ourselves and nothing will deter us from doing that.Police will not stop any of our leader from doing what is lawful let them not use state machinery to distract Hon Ogeto.” Azimio suppoter said.

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