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Mau Mau Veteran Decry Being Blocked

Oct 18, 2023
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As the country awaits to celebrate the Mashujaa celebrations a section of Mau Mau veterans are calling for the intervention of President William Ruto over what they termed as being taken for granted by Evelyne Wanjugu Kimathi.

Through a petition by Alice Mwihaki the veterans say Wanjugu has been the stumbling block in the efforts to have them settled.

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“We cannot continue to held back by some individuals who think she owns us. Wanjugu moves around boasting how connected she is to only enrich herself. Enough is enough,” said Mwihaki.

Mwihaki said they have even moved to court seeking orders that will have Wanjugu compelled to make the accounts of Dedan Kimathi public.

The petitioner said Wanjugu has used the foundation to enrich herself.

“She lies about auctioneers following her each and every day. That’s Alie. Wanjugu has millions and she has totally refused to settle us.

Wanjugu has been accused of not making public the money she has used to pay for the land.

Other veterans who spoke on condition of anonymity said Wanjugu made the foundation to only enrich herself.

“Wanjugu thinks she is untouchable. Being the daughter of Kimathi doesn’t make her special in any way,” said the veterans.

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