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Matungu Residents Question MP’s Handling of CDF Funds Amidst School Neglect

Feb 15, 2024 #News
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Residents of Matungu constituency in Kakamega County are expressing deep frustration and disappointment at the state of some schools within their region.

Despite the passage of time, a stark reality persists: mud-wall classrooms still plague educational facilities in Matungu, prompting residents to demand answers from their Member of Parliament, Peter Nabulindo, regarding the utilization of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocations.

A recent visit to Musango Primary School painted a distressing picture of neglect and decay. The school’s infrastructure is in a deplorable state, with dilapidated mud-wall classrooms failing to provide a conducive learning environment.

Shockingly, some pupils are forced to sit on the floor or on stones due to the acute shortage of desks. Such conditions not only hinder the academic progress of students but also endanger their safety and well-being.

The situation is equally dire at Ikulu Primary School, where the absence of adequate classrooms exacerbates the challenges faced by students and teachers alike. The few existing structures are crumbling, posing a grave risk of collapse that could potentially harm innocent children. It is a distressing reality that underscores the urgent need for immediate intervention and investment in the educational infrastructure of Matungu constituency.

Residents are rightfully questioning the whereabouts of the substantial CDF allocations designated for the improvement of schools and other crucial community projects. The apparent lack of progress in addressing the longstanding issue of inadequate school facilities has fueled concerns about the priorities of their elected representative, Peter Nabulindo. In the face of crumbling classrooms and a deteriorating educational landscape, constituents are demanding transparency and accountability regarding the allocation and utilization of public funds.

The neglect of schools in Matungu constituency is not just a matter of infrastructure; it is a betrayal of the fundamental right to quality education for the children of the region. Every child deserves access to safe, conducive learning environments that empower them to reach their full potential. It is imperative that MP Peter Nabulindo takes immediate action to address the pressing needs of schools in Matungu, fulfill his mandate as a custodian of public resources, and restore hope to disillusioned constituents.

In the pursuit of a brighter future for Matungu’s youth, it is essential that elected representatives prioritize education and invest in the well-being of their constituents. Anything short of decisive action to address the plight of neglected schools would be an affront to the aspirations and dreams of the next generation.

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