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Man Killed by Neighbours who Later Dumped his Body Away

Jul 26, 2021
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Police in Ruai njiru sub-county Nairobi are investigating a case in which john wambugu waithera was murdered in a case of mistaken identity .

John who had an accident several months back was recovering from memory loose and had started repeating his drinking behavior.

In the ideal day before john met his death through mob justice of neighbours who mistaked him to be a thief, john had drunk in the near by changaa dens along being river at ruai where he had slept most of the afternoon and when he gained memory he started seven in the evening before curfew hours he started moving to his home which was three kilomtres away behind ruai police station.

After a long serch with drunkeredness and loose of memory john landed himself in rentals homestead which in our comparison was similar to her rented single room behind josnah academy where he mistakenly tried to open the door when they bounced on him without deligent interrogation they beated him to death mistaking him to be a thief.

After realizing he had died they drugged the body two hundred metres away and dumped it at the road side and went away.

After John’s close friends and family were searching they found out that jonh had died in the hands of the neighborhood mob justice who alleged they had experienced house breakings in the recent past.

James munga waithaka a close friend to John described hi as humble guy who had his fair share of alcoholism problems and was not a thief “john hakua mwizi alikua tu Merci wa kawaida ” sentiments that were also made by his fellow drunkards.

The family led by his brother Michael Maina is seeking for justice as they say john met his death by trying to open a wrong residence and mistaken to be a thief.

Police said they have two suspects in their custody which are assisting the police with investigations as they had produced them before a makadara court for a misselinious application where they were given 10 days more to continue with investigations before they produce them for a plea.

This is one among many cases where Kenyans loose live in a mistaken identity.

Residents urged Kenyans to do due diligence before any action for they had saved the live of John if they did so.

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