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Man dies of ‘sweetness’ while having sex in Kayole

May 28, 2021
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A man in Kayole was overwhelmed by ‘Sweetness’ during sex and died on the spot.

The 44 year old Fredrick Kyalo was enjoying an intimate moment with Miriam Wangare aged 36 when he immediately cried out and died

 According to a statement that was reported at the Soweto Police station in Kayole, the deceased was taken to Mama Lucy hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“She was in her rented house situated within Soweto-Nyando area about 2KM north of station when her boyfriend one Fredrick Kyalo Mwilu paid her a visit where they stayed for an hour engaging in intimacy. In that process as they were on the act the boyfriend made a sharp sound and collapsed prompting her to seek help,” read the police statement.

The statement continues:

“Upon arrival at the hospital he was attended to by the medical personnel who found him having passed on. Scene was visited by the duty officer/duty nco soweto and DCI personnel and found the deceased body to have no visible injuries (.) The deceased body is lying at the same facility awaiting autopsy.”

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