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Man Dies after Jumping from 4th Floor of Controversial Suhufi Palace Hotel’s Guest Room Mombasa

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The popular Suhufi Palace Hotel in Mombasa is on the spot for trying to hide a serious murder case.

A video of person flying and falling off to death from the fourth floor has raised more questions than answers.

This has led to a serious confrontation between the securities and family involved.

A video of a suspected patron flying off from the fourth floor of what appears to be a private hotel room at Suhufi Hotel has gone viral.

The hotel is  owned by perennial and serial cartel Siyad Hassan.

The  hotel was allegedly built by corrupt dealings from counties and national government, the tenders were won in a suspicious manner.

The owner has manipulated all the security system and nothing can be done against him.

A person allegedly thrown from Suhufi hotel in Bondeni

“He is so powerful nobody can touch him.” Said a police source

The hotel is currently under the DCI scrutiny over dubious tenders worth of billions of shillings to Chinese companies enjoying procurement monopoly both at the national and county governments.

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The Chinese owned company has been in  secret government arrangement with China, government agencies, parastatals government departments, Chinese companies are banking millions and billions of shillings and this is not even inclusive in the debt repayment agreement between China and Kenya.

As per our investigations, Suhufi Agency, a building and construction has managed to land tenders in multibillion shillings for projects cutting across the Coast counties.

The company became known to many Kenyans when it landed the tender to construct the Sh460 Million modern water front at the famous Mama Ngina grounds in Mombasa.

The project was shrouded in controversy and delays that forced President Uhuru to intervene for quick completion back in 2019.

At the same time, the company landed a Sh 859 million water project in Taita-Taveta for supply of water to over 100,00 residents. The contract attracted a lot of public attention following a demand by the for a full disclosure of details of the contract signed between the department of water of Taita-Taveta and the contractor.

In March, 2021 TAVEVO signed a contract of Sh 859 million with Suhufi Agencies Limited for laying a 57-km pipeline that was to supply Mwatate, Voi and Taveta residents with water.

The project was shrouded in secrecy with many details especially involving the financing and execution being unavailable for scrutiny. There were also allegations of single sourcing in the award of the contract.

But it is not only the two contracts that the company has been involved with in the Coat region.

The company was also awarded the Sh542 Likoni water project that targeted to supply water to over 3,000 families in Likoni constituency, Mombasa County. The project was launched in 2018 and was docked with a lot of delays and corruption allegations.

The project entailed rehabilitation of secondary and tertiary distribution lines and installation of water meters.

The company and its dealings presents what is the order of the day in the country’s supply chain management that has seen notorious companies enjoy the monopoly of supply and contracting despite the questionable work they have done for years.

Suhufi Agency officials with then MPs during the probe.

While it’s clear that Suhufi haso no history of completing projects in time, our investigations have revealed that the company has strategically positioned itself to land mega contracts in the current administration.

This is despite the ongoing investigations led by investigative agencies over the company’s dealings with reports indicating that the owners enjoy massive support from smuggled goods and illegal dealings, he has skis built state of the art hotel along Bondeni area in Mombasa.

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