• Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

Luhya Community in Nairobi Declares Support for Sakaja

Aug 5, 2022

Nairobi gubernatorial contest have taken shape after luhya Community Caucus made a declaration to support UDAs’ candidate Johnson Sakaja.
The caucus drawn from across the political divide made the declaration in Kawangware Kabiro ward Dagoreti North constituency.
“We have come into conclusion to support our own Johnson Sakaja..we urge Luhyas in Nairobi to vote in Sakaja …the Azimio fraternity did not clear Tim Wanyonyi only to bring us projects someone who do not understand anything in the City ..we must be careful… Nairobi Governor position is for Luhyas and we have Johnson Sakaja to vote in whether you are in Azimio or not.” Elder Mathias Lukebe said.
According to statistics Luhyas are second voting bloc in the city commanding about 800 thousand votes.
“I urge Luhyas to approach this election with sober mind…don’t elect projects,elect a leaders well visioned and development oriented…the community has suffered a lot and we must ensure we have someone in bigger position to champion our interest in Nairobi.” He added.

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