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London Distillers Kenya Wins Global Award At Monde Quality Selection Award

May 24, 2022
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London Distillers Kenya (LDK) is proud to announce that its brands Safari Rare Whisky and Kenya King Gin have won two global awards at the 2022 Monde Selection Quality Awards.

The Safari Rare Whisky won the Gold Award while Kenya King Gin won a Silver award of quality.

“Competing against a record-breaking number of over a thousand entries from all corners of the world, London Distillers Kenya displayed a strong performance at the competition,” said Mr Avin Galot, Managing Director of London Distillers Kenya, “Our vigorous research and development process as well as our intensive quality control measures have ensured that LDK maintains a high standard of quality for each of our brands.”

The Monde Selection Institute, situated in Belgium, is an annual non-competitive award open to food, drinks, and cosmetics products.

It is run by the commercial company, International Institute for Quality Selections. Consumer products are tasted and tested in order to grant them a quality label. 

The Selection states that the bronze, silver, gold or grand gold quality label can be compared to the quality stars of a hotel or those of the prestigious Michelin Guide.

The Safari Rare Whisky, which won the Gold award, was categorized as ‘a fine whisky with a rich and complex aromatic palette.

The judges praised the new design of the packaging and visual appearance of the bottle. They also noticed its caramel fragrance which is accompanied by faintly pronounced woody notes marked by a touch of vanilla.

The aromatic bouquet as a whole was deemed quite rich, complex and well-balanced. While The Kenya King Gin, which won the Silver award, was categorized as ‘a well flavored gin with a gustatory profile’.

The judges further mentioned that it develops a rather clearly pronounced scent of juniper accompanied by notes of lemon and lemongrass and its smell gives off an impression of lemonade or even sour candy.

LDK recently rebranded their packaging which allowed them the opportunity to realign their message, goals and visual identity of who they are today.

LDK brands have been personalized for the experience of the customers thus helping them connect with the brand emotively, this was a contributing factor to their win at the Monde Selection Quality Awards.

London Distillers Kenya opened its doors in 1985 and have grown their product portfolio to over 25 brands.

The Kenyan owned company offers a wide range of whisky, gin, brandy, vodka, rum and the unique Safari Cane and liqueurs.

Their flagship brands, Safari Cane and Old Monk Rum now known as Old Cask Rum have been previously highly congratulated for meeting international standards of quality at a previous Monde Selection Awards and they are also distributors of global brands such as Jack Daniels, Jameson, Bacardi, and Bombay Sapphire in the East Africa region amongst many others.

“Making exceptional high quality beverages is at the heart of London Distillers Kenya and what we strive for every day,” adds Mr. Avin Galot, Managing Director of LDK, “We aim to maintain exceptional international standards and affordable prices to ensure that each Kenyan consumer can afford a quality drink.”

These wins come as consumer tastes continue to change and drinkers care more about their personal ecological footprints and less about age statements.

London Distillers Kenya is the answer to the new and growing desire for something different, fresh and sustainable.

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