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Scandal! Sakaja Milking  Dishi na County Donations

May 7, 2021
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Nairobi County Government is  on spot for not able to account for donations they are receiving from donors in Dishi na County food program.

Appearing before Nairobi Assembly Health Committee CEC for Health Susan Silantoi could not explain how the county utilized 144 million shillings from French government and other donations.

It was also revealed that the county opened an account for Dishi na County food program but  Sakaja decided to divert donations to implementing partner’s account for easy access and to avoid traces.

It means the donations are being utilized by Food for Education partner directly and can not be accounted for.

“We are  receiving  donations but not in our account all of  that collections  is managed and utilized by our partner…we opened an account but it is dormant.” Silantoi exposed.

Maurice Ochieng led committee further revealed that the county and Food for Education have been minting million of shillings from donors without fear of the People.

“They are no regulations and this money can’t be accounted for in anyway..we don’t know how much the partner collect and how the same is  utilized…This  is sad and moving forward this can escalate to an inquiry.” Maurice said.

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