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LG Unveils Virtual Experience for Indoor Air Solutions

Jul 15, 2021
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LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company has opened a new online showroom, LG HVAC Virtual Experience.

Utilizing the latest in digital technology, the interactive showroom allows visitors to experience LG’s diverse range of residential and commercial indoor environmental solutions virtually from the comfort of their homes.

With a unique and intuitive experience, the showroom lets visitors view the company’s latest solutions in a variety of virtual environments while acquainting themselves with the benefits they provide, like greater comfort, improved indoor air quality and seamless control. These are all important factors in helping customers make informed decisions on indoor air solutions for family or employees.

Upon entering LG HVAC Virtual Experience, visitors can choose from a range of business and living space categories: Residential Apartment, Residential Villa, Office General, Office High-Rise, Retail and Hotel. They can also roam the 3D environments freely using their mouse or touchscreen. Menus offer additional information on every model, including specifications, features, product videos and case studies.

Simple to use and navigate, LG’s new virtual platform is a great tool for consumers, industry professionals and partners looking to create healthier and more comfortable indoor spaces.

What’s more, the virtual showroom allows visitors to view the details behind the technologies. For example, by pressing the onscreen Airflow and Piping buttons, one can see how air travels in an air conditioner or air purifier and how pipes direct water and refrigerant through a system.

Virtually switch operational modes and observe how airflow changes from one air conditioner to another. Beyond the technology and science, the showroom is also a great place to check out all the products’ stylish designs and how they match various virtual interiors.

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