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LG, Opalnet unveil the first laundromat Firm in Machakos

Nov 1, 2023
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Opalnet, a leading distributor of LG Electronics in Kenya, has opened its first Laundromat in Machakos, marking a significant milestone in their expansion strategy across the country.

Jennies Laundromat also becomes the second reference site for Opalnet, following the successful launch of their inaugural site at Nairobi’s T-mall earlier this month. The operational reference sites are important for showcasing Laundromat operations to investors wishing to venture into the business.

Jennies Laundromat offers Wash, Dry, Fold and Pick-up and Drop off Services

The demand for professional laundry services in urban areas has been on the rise, driven by the increasing middle-class population and the rapid pace of urbanization. Opalnet and LG recognize this growing need and are strategically expanding its network to cater to the laundry service demands of the county’s residents.

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“We are really pleased to bring the much-needed Laundromat services to our clients in Machakos – Great Wall Garden Phase 2. We just recently unveiled one in Nairobi’s Langata area and the pace at which it has taken off confirms the growing need for the convenience Laundromat brings to people’s lifestyles,” said Opalnet’s Managing Director, Rakesh Singh.

LG Electronics and its partners remain committed to delivering high-quality laundry solutions and have successfully established 93 Laundromats across Kenya since 2020.

The company targets to reach 100 operational Laundromats by the end of 2023, and 1,000 in the long-run.

“The relentless pace of modernity and busy schedules consuming our time, Laundromats have emerged as the indispensable options for convenient laundry services. The demand is soaring countrywide, and more and more investors are entering into the space,” said Ms. Maureen Kemunto, LG’s Corporate Marketing Manager.

This expansion not only demonstrates the dedication to meeting the evolving needs of Kenyan consumers but also exemplifies LG’s commitment to offering state-of-the-art laundry solutions. Opalnet’s partnership with LG Electronics ensures that customers can expect a seamless and efficient laundry experience at Jennies Laundromat, as well as at their other facilities.

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