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“Kusota Huja na Hasira” Magix Enga Apologizes to Arrow Boy.

May 18, 2021
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Magix Enga on his Instagram account has issued out a public apology to Arrow Boy.

Magix Enga suggested that his anger was derived from his financial strain.

He uploaded a video some time back where he bragged about his car. He even went ahead and insulted Arrow Boy for wearing cheap necklaces.

He even went ahead and refuted the fact that his video production costs millions. He was quite bitter because Arrow Boy because he had not used his studios for recording after having started there.

Fans have gone a head and said Magix was just chasing clout. They say it’s good that he has seen the good and bad side of life and some are considering him a nice person for being humble and asking for forgiveness.

Some fans went ahead and said Magix did so because he might be having financial strains and might be in need of help.

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