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Ksh 6 Billion Affordable Housing Project Halted

Aug 24, 2021
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The proposed controversial construction of the Sh 6 billion Buxton Affordable Housing Project in Mombasa county, hangs in limbo after being temporary halted.

Infrastructure Senate Committee chairman Kimani Wamatangi issued the order after a public hearing against the project ended.

He said the committee demands to be furnished with necessary documents as required by the law.

“Despite the petition being filed by aggrieved parties opposed to the project we are forced to stop the project until further notice,” he pointed out.

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Wamatangi directed the private developer to furnish the committee with the documents on the project within 14 days.

He spoke at the end of a public hearing held at the Mombasa county assembly in Mombasa county.

The committee chair said they have resolved and demand to be furnished with the copies of the tender advertised for the project in newspapers and online.

PIC 3-Infrastructure Senate Committee chairman Kimani Wamatangi led his team in the inspection of the controversial construction of Buxton Affordable Housing Project in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county. The Sh 6 billion project has been halted until the committee is furnished with necessary documents.

Wamatangi further wants the committee to be furnished with minutes of resolutions on the proposed project.

He also demanded the tender committee report which awarded the controversial state-of-the-art project to a private developer.

“We demand the county government to furnish the committee with the necessary documents on the current ownership of the former Buxton estate,” he pointed out.

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The committee chairman ordered Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho to appear in person to shed more light on the project.

Wamatangi insisted Joho must appear in person being the last summon issued to him.

He regretted the committee won’t take any excuse from Joho apart from appearing himself before it.

“We are not satisfied with the absence of Joho and the excuse brought to the committee,” he pointed out.

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