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Korean Skin Care E-Commerce Website Launches Campaign to Reward Kenyans

Aug 12, 2021
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Africa’s leading E-commerce site Fletna have announced the 2021 Fletna Face contest set to run between 1st September and 15th October.

 Fletna Face is an annual competition by Fletna Kenya that seeks to give its customers an opportunity to win cash and also be a brand Ambassador for a period of one year.

The competition aims to find the best 12 finalists, who will be Brand Ambassadors for Fletna representing Fletna for a period of one year.

This year’s top winner will go away with Ksh 300, 000 and monthly skin care packages.

Fletna is the leading e commerce website that sells Nature-rich products from the infamous Korean 10-step skin care routine to some of the world’s finest moisturizers and masks, For a full list of eligibility criteria and more information visit https://fletna.ke/pages/ fletna-face-2The competition which is in its third year has a prize fund of 3,000$ distributed as follows :- Grand Prize 2000$, quarterly prizes 250$ and monthly skin care packages.

The competition is open to all persons of 18yrs age. In addition to the monetary prize the finalists will work with Fletna as its brand Ambassadors for a period of one year.

Aleksander Jerinc, Co-Founder and COO of Fletna spoke about the contest, “This year, Fletna has expanded its reach and with it the Fletna Face competition is now running in Kenya and Tanzania, as we celebrate our expansion in East Africa. We foresee a high turnout and look forward to seeing everyone’s hard work and creativity in action. Our current finalists, Irene and Naomi, have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to meeting more amazing people and connecting with them through Fletna Face 2021.”

The admission fee is 25$ worth of products purchased via the Fletna Website or Instagram shop using the 10% discount code Fletnaface 2021.

The last day for content submissions to be accepted is October 15th.

Participants will be required to post their skin care routine on IG or TikTok as a post tagging @fletnaafrica and using hashtags #fletnaafrica #fletnaface. Entrants will then register for the competition via the form on https://fletna.ke/pages/ fletna-face-2 using their email address, phone number and links to your skincare journey post.

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