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KMA partners SAl to Provide Fast & Secure Access to Healthcare Services

Mar 25, 2022

Smart Applications International, Africa’s leading biometric technology solutions company has partnered with Kenya Medical Association (KMA) in extending mutual value to both parties.

The two organizations have agreed to enter into a collaborative working relationship in which they shall work together in areas of common interest to promote automation and digitization of healthcare processes of interest to foster delivery to National healthcare agenda and mutual growth in meeting harmonized objectives that better National healthcare outcomes.

The backbone of this partnership is to positively contribute towards the Kenyan Government Healthcare
Strengthening Plan by extending locally developed technological solutions in solving local healthcare needs.

The signing of the MoU unlocks the use of the Smart Patient Engagement App across Kenya Medical Association members for purposes of automation of patient appointment booking and other areas of patient interaction.

Medical profession practitioners are set to experience the convenience of using the SmartHealth+ a hospital management information system developed by Smart Applications.

“KMA is set to provide thought leadership in the healthcare industry by leveraging on this partnership. We, as an association, believe in creating a platform that amplifies the use of technologies that add value to our members & association at large,” said Dr. Were Onyino, President, Kenya Medical Association.
The Medical field is a dynamic space and we have seen tremendous growth in the adoption of technology in the delivery of health services, especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.

The Future of Healthcare lies in the use of Telemedicine and other technological innovations in delivering accessible, affordable, and quality health care and we are glad to partner with Smart Applications in making this a reality as we embark on the UHC Journey, he added.
“Our long-standing mission has always been to inspire convenience through technology. We value our partners and
thus maintain a mandate to nurture this engagement to see the people of Kenya benefit from the package being ratified here.” said Harrison Muiru, the Group Managing Director, Smart Applications International.
Smart and KMA continue to journey on the path that entrenches simplicity, precision, and strength in the National Healthcare Systems pillar, all the way with Kenyans at heart.

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