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Kiragu Defends His Leadership Record Amid UDA Party Feud in Nairobi County

Oct 19, 2023 #Nairobi County
Kiragu Defends His Leadership Record Amid UDA Party Feud in Nairobi County
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Waithaka MCA, Anthony Kiragu, is vehemently denying allegations of leadership disputes within the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) MCAs in the Nairobi County Assembly.

Recent events saw a faction of UDA MCAs in Nairobi initiating the collection of signatures aimed at impeaching Kiragu from his position as the minority leader in the assembly.

In an interview with the media, Kiragu attributed this discord to his decision to run for the position of Nairobi County UDA Chairman in the forthcoming party elections.

He acknowledged the existence of a group of MCAs who seek his removal but firmly asserted that this move was primarily motivated by his aspiration for a higher leadership role.

“Some external influences are providing support to these dissenting members, aiming to undermine my position. Nevertheless, I remains resolute, emphasizing that UDA is a substantial political entity that demands steadfast leaders who can elevate the party to greater heights. “UDA is not a small party, and it needs courageous leaders who will propel the party to better heights, and that person is me.” The minority Leader, mentioned

Those MCAs advocating for Kiragu’s removal had previously criticized his leadership, asserting that he lacked essential qualities and exhibited self-centered behavior during his tenure.

They also accused him of not listening to other members and even alleged disrespect towards Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Kiragu, however, expressed his surprise at the inclusion of the Deputy President in these accusations and suggested that the claims might be an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

“I don’t know why they are bringing in the Deputy President, maybe they just want to paint me in a negative light to him on something that I thought was just a matter of sibling rivalry. I have never disrespected the Deputy President; this is the first time I am hearing about it.” He clarified

Furthermore, Kiragu contended that his political opponent is funding efforts to tarnish his name but expressed his determination to persevere through these differences, emphasizing that political disagreements should not equate to enmity.

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