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Kidero dismisses Azimio protests, Says will Cripple Economy

Mar 23, 2023
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The Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Investments, Trade, and Industry, Dr. Evans Kidero, has urged Kenyans to oppose the opposition’s plans to cripple the country’s fledgling economy.

Kidero said that numerous businesses came to a complete halt due to unjustified protests called by leaders associated with the Azimio la Umoja.

He dismissed the demos as a perfect case of socio-economic terrorism instigated by self-seekers.

“All this time the intention was never to benefit the common mwananchi. It is socio-economic terrorism that should be castigated in the strongest possible terms,” Kidero said.

“The situation that we are having is not mass action because the definition of mass action is a situation where several people behave simultaneously in a similar way but individually without coordination,” he added.

The former Nairobi County governor noted that the larger Kenyan population snubbed calls by the Azimio leaders to take to the streets.

“It didn’t even happen in the whole of Kenya. It happened only in Nairobi and Kisumu. It was not in Mombasa, it was not in Malindi, it was not in Kamba land, it was not in the central province, and not even in Rift Valley.

“It can even be narrowed that the majority of people who were participating in this were mainly Luos.

He lauded the law enforcers for conducting themselves professionally and with restraint, adding that the situation could have turned uglier.

“What we saw on Monday was coordinated in a very militarized manner. I must compliment the government and the police who were very restrained in their action.

“The situation was quite different from the one when Raila was returning to the country from a trip abroad. The reaction at that time when Uhuru was still the president was comparatively worse.”

Kidero lashed out at the Azimio leadership for attempting to gain entry into government through the back door, pointing out that they had established a pattern of arm-twisting governments into powersharing deals.

“What we are seeing being done by the Azimio leaders is something that they are used to. They terrorize Moi in 1999 and 2000 until he gave in and included them in the KANU government. They did the same in 2008 and got “nusu mate”, and did it again in 2018 to force Uhuru into the infamous handshake.”

He empathized with everyone who was caught up in the violence occasioned by the protests.

“My heart goes out to the victims of these and other acts of wanton violence and, unfortunately, persons whom Kenyans look up to in terms of guidance and leadership could mobilize populations to riot, loot and destroy properties under the guise of peaceful demonstrations.”

He added that whereas demonstrations and picketing are democratic rights, it is unacceptable to see leaders abandon their role to inspire hope and show decorum, and instead resort to organizing and financing mayhem.

Kidero condemned the violence in Kisumu that saw UDA offices vandalized and asked Kenyans to speak in unison against such violent behavior.

“We must stand out to condemn in the strongest possible terms these acts of a selfish desire to suffocate the economy. The urge for change is palpable and just,” Kidero said.

He asked the government to deal firmly with all those who planned, organized, and participated in the riots.

He urged Kenyans to pray for the country for peace to settle throughout the nation.

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