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KIBO to Venture into Boda Boda Business

Jun 21, 2021
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Kibo has announced plans to venture into the bodaboda market in the coming two years.
This will be a diversification from the current corporate clients that the firm has been targeting.

“The long term vision is to provide bikes for boda boda guys but it takes time our Kibo 250 model is priced at Ksh 339,000 which is out of reach for thr boda boda guys our cheapest bikes that we are releasing in the market currently is Kibo K160E which will retail at Ksh 219,000 still slightyly higher” said Kibo Africa CEO Mr. Huib Van De Grijspaarde.
The firm is planning to introduce bikes thast will retail below Ksh.139,000.

Ride With CEO Innitiative

Last Saturday 50 Kibo customers joined a fun bike riding event to appreciate them for their support to the company over the last five years. The event was designed to give the customers a feel of Kibo Bikes in various terrains and educate them on how best to maximize their bikes.

The bikers were flagged of by Kibo Africa CEO Mr. Huib Van De Grijspaarde at the company’s assembly plant at Boma Business Park, on Old Mombasa Road Nairobi. The bikers rode along a select route that took them through the Southern Bypass to Ngong Hills, via the scenic Champaign Ridge, and back to Nairobi.

The event, christened Ride with the C.E.O, was attended by over 50 motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Nairobi who participated with the aim of having a fun outing with their motorcycles. After the ride the bikers were hosted to a luncheon at The Carnivore Grounds where participants got to mingle and chat with professionals in the industry. At the luncheon participants were taken through different safety drills by Kibo C.E.O and other representatives of the company.

Kibo Africa has been at the forefront in championing durable and safe mobility through continuous research, testing and development of its flagship motorcycles so as to provide bikes that are competently suited for the demands and rigors of the African terrain. The bike’s iconic exoskeleton frames are made out of welded steel tubing, making the bikes incredibly strong. The frame and built-in crash bar form part of a virtual safe space for the rider, designed and proven to disperse the force of impact in a crash and keep the rider out of harm’s way. Kibo Africa also offers a rider-training program designed to educate riders on how to best utilize their bikes safely and durably in order to maximize value for money

“Kibo Motorcycles has invested heavily invested in Research, Innovation and Customer Service to ensure we provide well engineered motorbikes complemented with easily accessible after-sales support for our customers. We currently have more than 40 Customer Service centers across Kenya and plan to invest in more. Our aim is to make our bikes and parts readily available, no matter where you are in Kenya. We are also investing in mobile clinics and fleet management training for our customers”, Said Huib Van De Grijspaarde.

Kibo Africa entered the Kenyan market in 2017 with the launch of its 1st generation bike, The Kibo K150 series. Kibo Africa also made further investments in product innovation to address existing gaps in the market. This led to expansion of its product offering with the launch of the Kibo K250 series in 2019 and the Kibo K160 series in 2020.

More recently in May 2021 the company launched its 2nd generation bike, the Kibo K160R. This is an improved version of the K160 and comes with a bigger tank, bigger instrument panel, upgraded clutch switch and a myriad of other exciting features

Kibo Motorcycles have grown in popularity over the past five years especially with corporates, courier companies, County Governments and individual riders due to their durability and reliability.

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