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Kenyatta Family Incensed Over Alleged Theft of 49 Eastleigh Plots

Apr 2, 2024 #Nairobi
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The Kenyatta family, descendants of Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta, finds themselves embroiled in a contentious land dispute as private developers allegedly encroach upon 49 out of 60 plots in Eastleigh, Nairobi. The Kin family, representing the first wife of Jomo Kenyatta, has appealed to the Cabinet Secretary for Land and the Nairobi County government to intervene and offer support in their bid to reclaim the disputed land.

In a plea laden with urgency, the Kin family asserts that despite their injunction against the developers, construction activities have commenced on the contested plots. They attribute this bold move to the retirement of Uhuru Kenyatta, the fourth President of Kenya, which they claim has emboldened the developers.

Living under the shadow of intimidation, the Kin family alleges that the developers have resorted to threats, warning them against pursuing legal action to assert their rights over the land. Kamau Njoroge Muigai, a relative of Uhuru Kenyatta, recounts the family’s arduous journey over the past two years, as they tirelessly sought legal recourse to halt the unauthorized development, only to encounter bureaucratic hurdles and dead ends.

While the developers have opted to remain anonymous, they contend that they possess valid legal documentation supporting their claim to ownership of the disputed plots. Their stance remains firm, urging the plaintiffs to seek redress through the judicial system rather than engaging in confrontational tactics.

As tensions escalate and the specter of legal battles looms large, the Kenyatta family finds themselves grappling with a precarious situation, navigating the complex intersection of property rights, legal intricacies, and familial legacies.

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