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Kenyan Security Workers Threaten Nationwide Strike Over Unfulfilled Salary Increase

Dec 20, 2023
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Kenya National Private Security Workers Union (KNPSWU) has threatened to go on strike if the employer does not honour the 30 percent increase of salary recently implemented by government.

The National Secretary General of Kenya National Security Workers Union (KNPWSU) Mr.Isaac GM Andabwa said he will be left with no other option than to issue a 21 day strike notice after which a strike will follow if the gazette notice is not put in practice by the employers.

“Security workers go to the same supermarkets for shopping with those with white color jobs ,why should they be underpaid with this high cost of living .Does it mean they lesser human beings?,” Andabwa said after officially handing over the petition to three parties respectively to the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The union Boss petitioned to the Derpartmental Committee on Administration and Internal Security headed by MP Gabriel Koshai Tongoyo,Committee on Delegated Legislation headed by Mp Samuel Kiprono Chepkonga and the Clerk of the National Assembly Samuel Njoroge. The petitions were received by all the parties.

In the petion ,the union said the Director General of the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) Mr Fazul Mahamed published the minimum salary payable to a private security guard in Kenya eleciting a petition from a section of private security firms purpotedly irked by the notice.

“Regulation 16(e)requires proof by compliance with the set minimum wages.If the regulations are effected in the current form,companies would need to pay a salary of Ksh 27,993 for a night and Ksh 25,641 for a day guard,”read the petition in part.

The regulation was gazetted in November this year and also published in a section of the dailies.

Dr Andabwa said the minimum wage is neither debatable or optional .

“It is a duty bestowed on the Cabinet Secretary for Labour and Social Protection who last fixed it in July 2022 in Kenya Gazette No 125 of 2022.Mr Fazul Mahammed the Director General of Private Security Regulatory Authority was reiterating a known Act fact when he reinstated basic minimum wage,”Andabwa said.

He also added that the basic pay is Ksh 18,9994.05,House allowance Ksh 2,849.11 and overtime allowance Ksh 8,156.81 totalling to a gross pay of 30,000.00.

Branch Secretary Kisii Zachariah Ondiek commended on President William Ruto for remembering the security sector a sector he termed as being neglected for a long time.

Ondiek urged the employers to honour the notice adding that the sector will have no other option than a nation wide strike if they do not get the money.

“We have bills to pay,schools fees for of children and families to take care of especially this festive season.All this is money,”Ondiek said.

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