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KEMRI goes ahead with promotions despite staff uproar claiming management favours cronies

Aug 3, 2022
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The controversial staff promotions at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) are ongoing.

The management insisted that the exercise must go on despite uproar and protests from a section of the staff.
The staff said the promotions are in violation of the law.

They have also demanded that the earlier 30 staff recommended for promotion be issued with their letters of promotion with no further delay.

They said a year ago, they were interviewed by the Board of Directors who recommended the promotion of 30 of them but the PS Health Susan Mochache ordered the Board to re- advertise the jobs and start afresh.

The affected staff who were due to be promoted, said some of them are being locked out yet they have been in the same job groups for the last 20 years.

They complained that today’s exercise is meant to reward the managements cronies.

They accused KEMRI acting Head of Corporate Services Antony Wachira of frustrating and interfering with the process.
But Wachira has rubbished the claims.

“Indeed a committee made up of both Senior KEMRI staff and Public Service Commission met and shortlisted candidates for the position of KMR3 and KMR4.Administrative and technical staff. Just like any outcome of any process, a number of staff were not happy with the outcome of the process because they were not shortlisted,” he said.

Wachira added that the staff were advised to put in appeals letters for consideration by the Board this week where the appeals will be given serious consideration.

KEMRI CEO Sam Kariuki said there are channels to address any grievances and that they are even in the HR Manual!!!
The CEO said the promotions are a Board of director’s process and that the Board is providing guidance.

“A number of appeals were considered by the board this morning (Tuesday). The rest can send their appeals too. If you are one of them, you too could submit yours!”

“Not sure how going to press or court will help if HR processes guiding the board have not been exhausted. Generalizations do not help, let individual appeals come through, each case is unique!” he said.

But the employees insisted that KEMRI Management is going against the public service advisory on review of changing existing human resource instruments as approved by the Board.

On 10th February, the Public Service Commission in a letter to all chairpersons of State Corporations, CEO’s of State Corporations, All Vice Chancellors of Public Universities and all Principals of constituent colleges of Public Universities, advised that there was a case in court on the review of human resource instruments.

“In this regard, pending consultations with critical stakeholders on policy and financial implications of the court order, it is advised that State Corporations continue applying existing human resource instruments as approved by their respective Boards, while those in the process of reviewing such instruments, are advised to halt the process until a multi stakeholder , robust and more coherent mechanism is established that ensures a pragmatic approach in complying with the existing court orders in the context of the constitutional mandate of the commission,” PSC chairperson Ambassador Antony Muchiri said.

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