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KaziLinks App Upgrades to Enhance Service Delivery

Jun 28, 2021
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Kenyan start-up, KaziLinks, has revamped its mobile app that will improve the customer experience and create more opportunities for its service providers.

The app, available on the Google play store, allows customers to access various services from artisans such as hairdressers, mechanics, painters, handymen, electricians, among others. In addition, it locates the nearest service provider, which allows the customers to access quick, reliable services from qualified, vetted experts.

The upgraded platform, optimized for both web and mobile access, will enable customers to send out service requests with a description of the task to all service providers in their vicinity. The artisans then bid for the job with their quote estimates and estimated arrival time. The customer can then see their profiles and their bids. They can then select one who fits their criteria.

Remarking on the upgraded app, KaziLinks General Manager Georgina Macharia said, “Plenty of modern businesses are based on the concept of a sharing economy. This is where a technology platform facilitates on-demand services between customers in need of services and providers of these services. Such as Uber, most of them are doing well. We are using the same idea to promote informal sector services.”

The company expects an increase in successful bookings made through the enhanced app and web platforms. Since its launch in 2020, the company has registered over 1,000 experts in various categories.

This comes at a time when the employment situation in Kenya has worsened due to COVID-19. Yet, more graduates are released into the job market by TVETs, Colleges, and Universities every year.

KaziLinks remains committed to revolutionize and modernize Africa’s informal sector using technology. By creating a professional profile, organized and transparent services, the organization hopes to create opportunities for artisans while ensuring the citizens get efficient services worth their money.

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