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Jambopay Partners with PesaLink to Revolutionize Wallets and Business Payments-to-Bank accounts

Sep 22, 2023
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Jambopay, is thrilled to unveil its strategic partnership with PesaLink, enhancing money transfer & cash disbursements for enterprises & wallet holders. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing seamless transfers and digital payment experiences in Kenya.

The introduction of this solution for business payments, wallet to bank transfers and bulk disbursements, further underscores PesaLink & Jambopay’s commitment to reshape the payments landscape. This solution will be available to users on the current JamboPay wallet where merchants & users will now have the option of “send to bank” on the Send Money menu that’s integrated to Pesalink.

During the launch, Jambopay CEO Danson Muchemi stated that “This collaboration is aligned with Jambopay’s vision of providing solutions that simplify lives and underscores our dedication to utilizing the technological capabilities to create tailor-made solutions that address specific market requirements. The partnership also demonstrates a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of the payment services ecosystem in Kenya.”

Commenting on the introduction of this partnership, Gituku Kirika, Chief Executive Officer of Pesalink, stated, “I am delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Jambopay. Together, we are set to revolutionize money transfer and cash disbursements for businesses and Jambopay wallet holders in Kenya. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our journey to enhance instant money transfers anytime and anywhere. With this innovative solution, we are reaffirming our commitment to reshaping the payment landscape in Kenya. Jambopay wallet holders can now enjoy the convenience of ‘Send to Bank’ on the send money menu, seamlessly integrated with Pesalink, offering instant bank account transfers with digital receipts merchants.”

Jambopay and PesaLink are united in their pursuit of transforming digital payments in Kenya and beyond. The collaboration is anticipated to not only redefine wallets-to-bank transfers but also contribute significantly to the ongoing digital revolution in the financial sector.

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