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Its Time for a Female President Says Truphena Moraa

Jun 18, 2021
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Former 2017 presidential hopeful Truphena Moraa has called on Kenyans to consider electing a woman as the president in the 2022 General Elections.

Moraa, whose attempt to vie for the big seat in 2017 was botched, said the time for the country to be steered by a woman leader had arrived.

According to Moraa, women are efficient and less corrupt, an attribute she said the country has been longing for.
“I am going to be the best leader the country will ever have. You need a woman to lead. Men have been rogue and corrupt. Women are confident, they are never corrupt, they are clean and always uphold integrity. The countries that have been led by women have made strides in all fronts,” said Moraa

Moraa, who is also the Women Empowerment Network Kenya (WEKENYA) leader, said previous leaderships had messed up the nation’s economy.

For that reason, Moraa said the country needed a different leader with a whole new leadership approach,The aspirant said women had proven to be reliable in being custodians of resources.

“The countries that have had women at the helm have not been in chaos like ours. We entrust the men with the positions but end up misusing the positions given to enrich themselves. If there is a case of a woman being implicated in corruption, then a man is behind it,” she argued.

In 2017, her ambitions to vie for the presidency were deflated during IEBC interviews after the electoral body found she could not run for the seat. Moraa has, however, vowed to return to the duel in 2022.

Moraa also said that Cabinet Secretaries have a big responsility to deliver on Jubilee Government manifesto and specifically the big four agenda.

She called upon Agriculture CS Peter Munya to focus on delivering services to farmers rather than engaging in Politics.

She said Munya should resign and fully venture into politics if he has interest

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