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Is Zuchu Leaving Wasafi?

May 20, 2021
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“one of the biggest lessons I have learnt from my journey is that the bigger you grow the fake people around you become,” said Zuchu.

The sukari hit maker notes that since her entrance in the music industry, the more famous she becomes the high the number of people who surround her. She further says that the people she thought were real to her as friends have already moved away from her.

“The fame has a price to pay and in most case is losing people you possibly thought knew and trusted become strangers in no time,” she added.

Though Zuchu claims to be surrounded by fake people since joining Wasafi, she did not mention if the people are within the recording label or not. She didn’t either give the names.

If the people are within the label, then it means she has enemies within Wasafi and at some point she will have to leave.

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