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Irene Njeri to support business startups, graduates

Mar 11, 2022
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Business startups in Bahati will get a major boost that includes loan facilities with cheap interest rates.

Bahati constituency MP aspirant Irene Njoki has promised to be injecting capital to selected startups in every ward to spur economic growth and financial independence.

Njoki has promised that apart from the government support funds to youths,he will establish a partnership between microfinance institutions and the Bahati NG-CDF to avail affordable loan facilities to the locals.

Her target is to reach out to 1000 startups annually.

” Our target will be financial independence among the youths,women and vulnerable households and that is why we are going to target business startups with loan facilities,” she said.

She has also said that special training programs will be offered to graduates from university and other institutions of higher learning on how to venture into business.

She said that such programs will help them participate meaningfully in community programs before they venture into full business or employment.

Irene has asked Bahati voters to give her the opportunity to serve, promising to break the norm of non performance from past leadership.

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