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ICPAK,Amnesty International Want DCI Intervention to help Whistleblower

Jun 22, 2021
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Few days after the sacking of the Senior Accountant at the Maasai Mara University, Spenser Sankale Ololchike, the Institute of Certified Public Accounts of Kenya Members together with Amnesty international and Transparency International Kenya have come out to condemn the act and are now calling for his reinstallment.

The ICPAK chairman, FCPA George Mokua said the action is uncalled for and they are calling on the DCI to ensure that the investigations are carried out faster.

They also want the University Council to be disbanded and the Acting Vice Chancellor Pro. Onyango Kiche Magak be removed as the Vice Chancellor.

“We call the university Council to immediately and unconditionally reinstate Spencer Sankale Ololchike. Failure to do so failure to do so we shall seek legal protection in a court of Law,” said Mokua.

Speaking to Taarifa News, Renee Ngamau who is the Chairperson Amnesty International Kenya together with Sheila Masinde of Transparency International Kenya said the whistle blowers have a right to be protected.

They said they have protected Spenser and his colleagues from any form of intimidation from the day they brought into the Limelight the issue of misuse of Funds at the University.

“Whistleblowers need to be protected. We reward whistle blowers who come out bravely to expose the bad deeds going on in their institutions. The inspector General of Police needs to provide security to CPA Sankale and his colleagues to ensure that they are not threatened,” said Ngamau.

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