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I do not regret dating Vera Sidika- ex boyfriend

May 27, 2021
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Jimmy Chansa, Vera Sidika’s ex-lover says he does not regret having dated the socialite.

For the first time speaking after their breakup, Chansa praised Vera saying he loved her. “it was love just like any other relationship,” he said.

He said she is a loving person despite her celebrity status. “The person I was with was a socialite already, that’s why our relationship was public. Pressure from the social media was normal but what made me stick with her is her good and loving personality.”

Chansa also added that he is proud of their relationship with Brown Mauzo. “once you’re a socialite, social media is your business but she is real. She does not fake anything. I am proud of that. I am happy she is happy,” he said.

On the other hand, Vera regretted of the relationship terming it as toxic.

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