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‘I am not Betty Kyalo’s Boyfriend’ Nick Ndeda Says

Jul 29, 2021
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Former News anchor Betty Kyallo’s new love life seems will mess up with actor and former Kiss FM prenter’s life, Nick Ndeda.

When Betty’s new boyfriend was “uncovered” people were quick to confuse the two as they have similar name’s.

Betty’s new boyfriend is a lawyer while the other Nick is a playwright and has bagged a lot of awards.

The confusion was made because playwright Nick was trending after he and his partner of 7 year’s whom he shared with a Youtube channel made their split public.

They did a video of it but Kenyans weren’t having any of it. Kenyans on Twitter went ham on him after the split and he trended for days.

Actor Nick Ndeda and Muthoni.

This was merely a week before the other Nick (the lawyer) was unveiled as Betty’s new boyfriend.

Taking to his social media, Nick, the actor, informed his fans:

“Hi, if you’re new here, I’m not that Nick I’m the other one,” he said while encouraging the new fans to consume his other content.

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